Costs billions of dollars annually.
1 out of every 250 deaths.
Third major cause for ER visits.

All because of mismanagement of Asthma and COPD.

Say Hello to RespirON

A smart metered dose inhaler(MDI) for Asthma and COPD patients,
so that you can manage it in a better way.


Puff Counter Tells Medicine Left.

Usage Monitoring for health analysis.

Find Device to find inhaler.

Reminders to adhere to medicines.

Out of range to never forget the inhaler.

A system you can rely upon.


Also, now the doctors can have
realtime data about their patients’
health and can even maintain their
medical history for a better treatment.

Have better insights of your asthma/COPD.

Can I get one?

We are currently working on our pilot using our beta product.
We would be releasing a limited number of devices
in the market with a nominal price tag.
If you are interested in trying our product, kindly register yourself
in our beta program.


RespirON is an asthma/COPD management system.
RespirON provides you the precise analytics report of your compliance and adherence to medication. This helps you better understand your improvement and the current stage of your disease.
Simply download the RespirON smartphone application from Google Play store and connect it with your RespirON device & you are good to go.
RespirON works on any smartphone running Android Version 4.4 or higher. An iOS application will be available soon.
The device comes with rechargeable battery & provides 7 days backup in 15mins charge.
On average usage, the smartphone application consume less than 2% of your phone's battery in a day.
You can register for beat testing program here .
The device is completely safe to use as the medicine is never in direct contact with electronic components.